Commit e1729235 authored by Gabriel Detraz's avatar Gabriel Detraz Committed by klafyvel
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Fix #103

parent f27f9521
......@@ -281,31 +281,18 @@ class Switch(AclMixin, Machine):
def create_ports(self, begin, end):
""" Crée les ports de begin à end si les valeurs données
sont cohérentes. """
s_begin = s_end = 0
nb_ports = self.ports.count()
if nb_ports > 0:
ports = self.ports.order_by('port').values('port')
s_begin = ports.first().get('port')
s_end = ports.last().get('port')
if end < begin:
raise ValidationError(_("The end port is less than the start"
" port."))
if end - begin > self.number:
ports_to_create = list(range(begin, end + 1))
existing_ports = Port.objects.filter(switch=self.switch).values_list('port', flat=True)
non_existing_ports = list(set(ports_to_create) - set(existing_ports))
if len(non_existing_ports) + existing_ports.count() > self.number:
raise ValidationError(_("This switch can't have that many ports."))
begin_range = range(begin, s_begin)
end_range = range(s_end+1, end+1)
for i in itertools.chain(begin_range, end_range):
port = Port()
port.switch = self
port.port = i
with transaction.atomic(), reversion.create_revision():
except IntegrityError:
ValidationError(_("Creation of an existing port."))
with transaction.atomic(), reversion.create_revision():
Port.objects.bulk_create([Port(switch=self.switch, port=port_id) for port_id in non_existing_ports])
def main_interface(self):
""" Returns the 'main' interface of the switch
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