Commit ebe5633f authored by Hugo LEVY-FALK's avatar Hugo LEVY-FALK

Fix le rechargement : la facture est sauvegardée avant la vente.

parent c9ec5b23
...@@ -826,14 +826,13 @@ def recharge(request): ...@@ -826,14 +826,13 @@ def recharge(request):
invoice = Facture(user=request.user) invoice = Facture(user=request.user)
invoice.paiement = refill_form.cleaned_data['payment'] invoice.paiement = refill_form.cleaned_data['payment']
invoice.valid = False invoice.valid = False
purchase = Vente.objects.create(
facture=invoice, facture=invoice,
name='solde', name='solde',
prix=refill_form.cleaned_data['value'], prix=refill_form.cleaned_data['value'],
number=1 number=1
) )
return invoice.paiement.end_payment(invoice, request) return invoice.paiement.end_payment(invoice, request)
return form({ return form({
'rechargeform': refill_form, 'rechargeform': refill_form,
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