Commit f2c13201 authored by detraz's avatar detraz Committed by chirac

Les factures sont validées en post_paiement + bug fix paiement relation

parent 9fdadaf4
......@@ -836,7 +836,6 @@ def credit_solde(request, user, **_kwargs):
price_ok = True
if price_ok:
invoice.valid = True
......@@ -852,6 +851,6 @@ def credit_solde(request, user, **_kwargs):
'balance': user.solde,
'title': _("Refill your balance"),
'action_name': _("Pay"),
'max_balance': p.payment_method.maximum_balance,
'max_balance': find_payment_method(p).maximum_balance,
}, 'cotisations/facture.html', request)
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