Commit fce9f1b7 authored by Gabriel Detraz's avatar Gabriel Detraz Committed by root

FIx, on preprocess avant de faire la recherche : switch_id n'est pas forcément un switch...

parent 56f391d7
......@@ -238,11 +238,15 @@ def detach(_=None):
def decide_vlan_and_register_macauth(switch_id, port_number, mac_address):
# Get port from switch and port number
ipv4 = IpList.objects.filter(ipv4=switch_id)
switch = Switch.objects.filter(switch_interface=Interface.objects.filter(Q(ipv4=ipv4) | Q(domain=Domain.objects.filter(name=switch_id))))
if not switch or not ipv4:
if not isinstance(switch_id, int):
switch = Switch.objects.filter(switch_interface=Interface.objects.filter(domain=Domain.objects.filter(name=switch_id)))
switch = Switch.objects.filter(switch_interface=Interface.objects.filter(ipv4=switch_id))
if not switch:
return ('?', 'Switch inconnu', VLAN_OK)
ipv4 = switch.first().switch_interface.ipv4
sw_name = str(switch.first().switch_interface)
port = Port.objects.filter(switch=switch.first(), port=port_number)
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