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Factorize some code

parent 4127af0d
......@@ -736,6 +736,9 @@ class Ticket(models.Model):
#: requests.
class DoesNotExist(Exception):
def __str__(self):
return u"Ticket-%s" %
......@@ -806,19 +809,108 @@ class Ticket(models.Model):
def get_class(ticket):
def get_class(ticket, classes=None):
Return the ticket class of ``ticket``
:param unicode ticket: A ticket
:param list classes: Optinal arguement. A list of possible :class:`Ticket` subclasses
:return: The class corresponding to ``ticket`` (:class:`ServiceTicket` or
:class:`ProxyTicket` or :class:`ProxyGrantingTicket`) if found, ``None`` otherwise.
:class:`ProxyTicket` or :class:`ProxyGrantingTicket`) if found among ``classes,
``None`` otherwise.
:rtype: :obj:`type` or :obj:`NoneType<types.NoneType>`
for ticket_class in [ServiceTicket, ProxyTicket, ProxyGrantingTicket]:
if classes is None: # pragma: no cover (not used)
classes = [ServiceTicket, ProxyTicket, ProxyGrantingTicket]
for ticket_class in classes:
if ticket.startswith(ticket_class.PREFIX):
return ticket_class
def username(self):
The username to send on ticket validation
:return: The value of the corresponding user attribute if
:attr:`service_pattern`.user_field is set, the user username otherwise.
if self.service_pattern.user_field and self.user.attributs.get(
username = self.user.attributs[self.service_pattern.user_field]
if isinstance(username, list):
# the list is not empty because we wont generate a ticket with a user_field
# that evaluate to False
username = username[0]
username = self.user.username
return username
def attributs_flat(self):
generate attributes list for template rendering
:return: An list of (attribute name, attribute value) of all user attributes flatened
(no nested list)
:rtype: :obj:`list` of :obj:`tuple` of :obj:`unicode`
attributes = []
for key, value in self.attributs.items():
if isinstance(value, list):
for elt in value:
attributes.append((key, elt))
attributes.append((key, value))
return attributes
def get(cls, ticket, renew=False, service=None):
Search the database for a valid ticket with provided arguments
:param unicode ticket: A ticket value
:param bool renew: Is authentication renewal needed
:param unicode service: Optional argument. The ticket service
:raises Ticket.DoesNotExist: if no class is found for the ticket prefix
:raises cls.DoesNotExist: if ``ticket`` value is not found in th database
:return: a :class:`Ticket` instance
:rtype: Ticket
# If the method class is the ticket abstract class, search for the submited ticket
# class using its prefix. Assuming ticket is a ProxyTicket or a ServiceTicket
if cls == Ticket:
ticket_class = cls.get_class(ticket, classes=[ServiceTicket, ProxyTicket])
# else use the method class
ticket_class = cls
# If ticket prefix is wrong, raise DoesNotExist
if cls != Ticket and not ticket.startswith(cls.PREFIX):
raise Ticket.DoesNotExist()
if ticket_class:
# search for the ticket that is not yet validated and is still valid
ticket_queryset = ticket_class.objects.filter(
creation__gt=( - timedelta(seconds=ticket_class.VALIDITY))
# if service is specified, add it the the queryset
if service is not None:
ticket_queryset = ticket_queryset.filter(service=service)
# only require renew if renew is True, otherwise it do not matter if renew is True
# or False.
if renew:
ticket_queryset = ticket_queryset.filter(renew=True)
# fetch the ticket ``MultipleObjectsReturned`` is never raised as the ticket value
# is unique across the database
ticket = ticket_queryset.get()
# For ServiceTicket and Proxyticket, mark it as validated before returning
if ticket_class != ProxyGrantingTicket:
ticket.validate = True
return ticket
# If no class found for the ticket, raise DoesNotExist
raise Ticket.DoesNotExist()
class ServiceTicket(Ticket):
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