Commit 3e53429f authored by Valentin Samir's avatar Valentin Samir
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Forgotten test for proxy view

parent 8edf896f
......@@ -1333,3 +1333,18 @@ class ProxyTestCase(TestCase, BaseServicePattern, XmlContent):
'User %s not allowed on %s' % (settings.CAS_TEST_USER, service)
def test_proxy_missing_parameter(self):
"""Try to get a PGT with some missing GET parameters. The PT should not be emited"""
params = get_pgt()
base_params = {'pgt': params['pgtId'], 'targetService': ""}
for key in ["pgt", 'targetService']:
send_params = base_params.copy()
del send_params[key]
client = Client()
response = client.get("/proxy", send_params)
'you must specify and pgt and targetService'
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