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Fix MysqlAuthUser when number of results != 1, typo in README

parent 43ae81fd
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ Authentication backend
* dummy backend ``cas_server.auth.DummyAuthUser``: all authentication attempt fails.
* test backend ``cas_server.auth.TestAuthUser``: username is ``test`` and password is ``test``
the returned attributes for the user are: ``{'nom': 'Nymous', 'prenom': 'Ano', 'email': ''}``
* django backend ``cas_server.auth.DjangoAuthUser``: Users are anthenticated agains django users system.
* django backend ``cas_server.auth.DjangoAuthUser``: Users are authenticated agains django users system.
This is the default backend. The returned attributes are the fields available on the user model.
* mysql backend ``cas_server.auth.MysqlAuthUser``: see the 'Mysql backend settings' section.
The returned attributes are those return by sql query ``CAS_SQL_USER_QUERY``.
......@@ -84,6 +84,8 @@ class MysqlAuthUser(AuthUser):
if curs.execute(settings.CAS_SQL_USER_QUERY, (username,)) == 1:
self.user = curs.fetchone()
super(MysqlAuthUser, self).__init__(self.user['username'])
super(MysqlAuthUser, self).__init__(username)
def test_password(self, password):
"""test `password` agains the user"""
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