Commit 6185ec52 authored by Valentin Samir's avatar Valentin Samir

Add Login Ticket to prevent login replay + by ticket len options

parent 1695cd24
......@@ -21,7 +21,18 @@ setting_default('CAS_WARN_TEMPLATE', 'cas_server/warn.html')
setting_default('CAS_LOGGED_TEMPLATE', 'cas_server/logged.html')
setting_default('CAS_LOGOUT_TEMPLATE', 'cas_server/logout.html')
setting_default('CAS_AUTH_CLASS', 'cas_server.auth.DjangoAuthUser')
setting_default('CAS_ST_LEN', 30)
# All CAS implementation MUST support ST and PT up to 32 chars,
# PGT and PGTIOU up to 64 chars and it is RECOMMENDED that all
# tickets up to 256 chars are supports so we use 64 for the default
# len.
setting_default('CAS_TICKET_LEN', 64)
setting_default('CAS_LT_LEN', settings.CAS_TICKET_LEN)
setting_default('CAS_ST_LEN', settings.CAS_TICKET_LEN)
setting_default('CAS_PT_LEN', settings.CAS_TICKET_LEN)
setting_default('CAS_PGT_LEN', settings.CAS_TICKET_LEN)
setting_default('CAS_PGTIOU_LEN', settings.CAS_TICKET_LEN)
setting_default('CAS_TICKET_VALIDITY', 300)
setting_default('CAS_TICKET_TIMEOUT', 24*3600)
setting_default('CAS_PROXY_CA_CERTIFICATE_PATH', True)
......@@ -29,9 +40,18 @@ setting_default('CAS_REDIRECT_TO_LOGIN_AFTER_LOGOUT', False)
setting_default('CAS_AUTH_SHARED_SECRET', '')
setting_default('CAS_LOGIN_TICKET_PREFIX', 'LT')
# Service tickets MUST begin with the characters ST so you should not change this
# Services MUST be able to accept service tickets of up to 32 characters in length
setting_default('CAS_SERVICE_TICKET_PREFIX', 'ST')
# Proxy tickets SHOULD begin with the characters, PT.
# Back-end services MUST be able to accept proxy tickets of up to 32 characters.
setting_default('CAS_PROXY_TICKET_PREFIX', 'PT')
# Proxy-granting tickets SHOULD begin with the characters PGT
# Services MUST be able to handle proxy-granting tickets of up to 64
# Proxy-granting ticket IOUs SHOULD begin with the characters, PGTIOU
# Services MUST be able to handle PGTIOUs of up to 64 characters in length.
setting_default('CAS_SQL_HOST', 'localhost')
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ class UserCredential(forms.Form):
username = forms.CharField(label=_('login'))
service = forms.CharField(widget=forms.HiddenInput(), required=False)
password = forms.CharField(label=_('password'), widget=forms.PasswordInput)
lt = forms.CharField(widget=forms.HiddenInput())
method = forms.CharField(widget=forms.HiddenInput(), required=False)
warn = forms.BooleanField(label=_('warn'), required=False)
......@@ -66,32 +66,36 @@ def unpack_nested_exception(error):
return error
def _gen_ticket(prefix):
def _gen_ticket(prefix, lg=settings.CAS_TICKET_LEN):
"""Generate a ticket with prefix `prefix`"""
return '%s-%s' % (
string.ascii_letters + string.digits
) for _ in range(settings.CAS_ST_LEN)
) for _ in range(lg - len(prefix) - 1)
def gen_lt():
"""Generate a Service Ticket"""
return _gen_ticket(settings.CAS_LOGIN_TICKET_PREFIX, settings.CAS_LT_LEN)
def gen_st():
"""Generate a Service Ticket"""
return _gen_ticket(settings.CAS_SERVICE_TICKET_PREFIX)
return _gen_ticket(settings.CAS_SERVICE_TICKET_PREFIX, settings.CAS_ST_LEN)
def gen_pt():
"""Generate a Proxy Ticket"""
return _gen_ticket(settings.CAS_PROXY_TICKET_PREFIX)
return _gen_ticket(settings.CAS_PROXY_TICKET_PREFIX, settings.CAS_PT_LEN)
def gen_pgt():
"""Generate a Proxy Granting Ticket"""
return _gen_ticket(settings.CAS_PROXY_GRANTING_TICKET_PREFIX)
return _gen_ticket(settings.CAS_PROXY_GRANTING_TICKET_PREFIX, settings.CAS_PGT_LEN)
def gen_pgtiou():
"""Generate a Proxy Granting Ticket IOU"""
return _gen_ticket(settings.CAS_PROXY_GRANTING_TICKET_IOU_PREFIX)
return _gen_ticket(settings.CAS_PROXY_GRANTING_TICKET_IOU_PREFIX, settings.CAS_PGTIOU_LEN)
def gen_saml_id():
......@@ -123,15 +123,26 @@ class LoginView(View, LogoutMixin):
self.gateway = request.POST.get('gateway')
self.method = request.POST.get('method')
if not request.session.get("authenticated") or self.renew:
self.form = forms.UserCredential(
# save LT for later check
lt_valid = request.session.get('lt')
lt_send = request.POST.get('lt')
# generate a new LT
request.session['lt'] = utils.gen_lt()
# check if send LT is valid
if lt_valid is None or lt_valid != lt_send:
_(u"Invalid login ticket")
values = request.POST.copy()
# if not set a new LT and fail
values['lt'] = request.session['lt']
elif not request.session.get("authenticated") or self.renew:
if self.form.is_valid():
self.user = models.User.objects.get(username=self.form.cleaned_data['username'])
......@@ -152,17 +163,24 @@ class LoginView(View, LogoutMixin):
self.gateway = request.GET.get('gateway')
self.method = request.GET.get('method')
if not request.session.get("authenticated") or self.renew:
self.form = forms.UserCredential(
# generate a new LT
request.session['lt'] = utils.gen_lt()
if not request.session.get("authenticated") or self.renew:
return self.common()
def init_form(self, values=None):
self.form = forms.UserCredential(
def service_login(self):
"""Perform login agains a service"""
......@@ -231,7 +249,7 @@ class LoginView(View, LogoutMixin):
self.user = models.User.objects.get(username=self.request.session.get("username"))
except models.User.DoesNotExist:
return utils.redirect_params("cas_server:login", params=dict(self.request.GET))
return utils.redirect_params("cas_server:login", params=self.request.GET)
# if login agains a service is self.requestest
if self.service:
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