Commit d5aab841 authored by Valentin Samir's avatar Valentin Samir
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Get version in Makefile directly from

parent 494da629
.PHONY: clean build install dist test_venv
VERSION=`python -V`
python build
......@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ test_venv/cas:
sed -i "s@url(r'^admin/',,@url(r'^admin/',,\n url(r'^', include('cas_server.urls', namespace='cas_server')),@" test_venv/cas/cas/
test_venv/bin/python test_venv/cas/ migrate
test_venv/bin/python test_venv/cas/ createsuperuser
run_test_server: test_venv test_venv/cas
test_venv/bin/python test_venv/cas/ runserver
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