v0.4.1 - 2015-12-23

commit: 5e63f39f


  • Add a run_test_server target to make file. Running make run_test_server will build a virtualenv, create a django projet with django-cas-server and lauch ./management.py runserver. It is quite handy to test developement version.
  • Add verbose name for cas_server app and models
  • Add Makefile clean targets for tox tests and test virtualenv.
  • Add link on license badge to the GPLv3


  • Make Makefile clean targets modular
  • Use img.shields.io for PyPi badges
  • Get django-cas-server version in Makefile directly from setup.py (so now, the version is only written in one place)


  • Fix MysqlAuthUser when number of results != 1: In that case, call super anyway this the provided username.