v0.4.4 - 2016-04-30

commit: 77d1607b


  • Add sensitive_post_parameters and sensitive_variables for passwords, so passwords are anonymised before django send an error report.


  • Before commit 77fc5b59 the User model had a foreign key to the Session model. After the commit, Only the session_key is store, allowing to use different backend than the Session SQL backend. So the first migration (which is 21 migrations combined) was creating the User model with the foreign key, then delete it and add the field session_key. Somehow, MySQL did not like it. Now the first migration directly create the User model with the session_key and without the foreign key to the Session SQL backend.
  • Evaluate attributes variables in the template samlValidate.xml. the {{ }} was missing causing the variable name to be displyed instead of the variable content.
  • Return username in CAS 1.0 on the second ligne of the CAS response as specified.


  • Update tests