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Doc for the federated mode

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......@@ -139,6 +139,15 @@ Authentication settings:
If more requests need to be send, there are queued. The default is ``10``.
* ``CAS_SLO_TIMEOUT``: Timeout for a single SLO request in seconds. The default is ``5``.
Federation settings:
* ``CAS_FEDERATE``: A boolean for activating the federated mode (see the federate section below).
The default is ``False``.
* ``CAS_FEDERATE_PROVIDERS``: A distionnary for the allowed identity providers (see the federate
section below). The default is ``{}``.
Tickets validity settings:
* ``CAS_TICKET_VALIDITY``: Number of seconds the service tickets and proxy tickets are valid.
......@@ -199,6 +208,8 @@ Authentication backend
This is the default backend. The returned attributes are the fields available on the user model.
* mysql backend ``cas_server.auth.MysqlAuthUser``: see the 'Mysql backend settings' section.
The returned attributes are those return by sql query ``CAS_SQL_USER_QUERY``.
* federated backend ``cas_server.auth.CASFederateAuth``: It is automatically used then ``CAS_FEDERATE`` is ``True``.
You should not set it manually without setting ``CAS_FEDERATE`` to ``True``.
......@@ -267,3 +278,32 @@ Or to log to a file:
Federation mode
``django-cas-server`` comes with a federation mode. Then ``CAS_FEDERATE`` is ``True``,
user are invited to choose an identity provider on the login page, then, they are redirected
to the provider CAS to authenticate. This provider transmit to ``django-cas-server`` the user
username and attributes. The user is now logged in on ``django-cas-server`` and can user
services using ``django-cas-server`` as CAS.
The list of allowed identity providers is defined using the ``CAS_FEDERATE_PROVIDERS`` parameter.
For instance:
.. code-block:: python
"": ("", 3),
"": ("", 3),
``CAS_FEDERATE_PROVIDERS`` is a dictionnary using provider names as key and a tuple
(cas address, cas version protocol) as value.
In federation mode, ``django-cas-server`` build user's username as follow:
You can choose the provider returned username for ``django-cas-server`` and the provider name
in order than to builed username make sense.
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