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#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
This program populates a pre-existing database with the results.
Author: Pauline Pommeret
Jonas Senizergues
This program populates a pre-existing PostgreSQL database with the results.
A shell
Authors: Pauline Pommeret, Jonas Senizergues
- :py:mod:`os`
#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
Main module of the Xylok project
Author: Pauline Pommeret, Jonas Senizergues
Main module of the **Xylok** project.
It defines a *class* that creates a sequence object which contains the
sequence information needed to carry out the project:
* sequence alphabet (DNA, RNA, protein)
* name
* accession number
* description
* sequence
* path to TRX scale
* smooth window AKA *sliding*
* number of bps considered as the sequence center
* alpha parameter of the Student table (statistical computation)
* label (supervised learning)
Moreover, the object stores results such as:
* meaningful values of the Fast Fourier Transform of the TRX signal
(on complete signal, signal's center and smoothed signal)
* meaningful values of the Fast Fourier Transform of the helicoidal
parameters' signal
* answers to statistical tests of correlation between frames on
every possible pair of helicoidal parameters
- :py:class:`Sequence`
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