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Proper help for the parser arguments

parent b2b942b1
......@@ -19,12 +19,12 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
PARSER = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="ToDo")
# Adding arguments to the parser
PARSER.add_argument("-a", "--alphabet", type=str, default="dna", help="Alphabet (DNA, RNA, prot): Unambiguous IUPAC alphabet that will be used.", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-A", "--alpha", type=float, default=0.05, help="Alpha parameter for statistic analysis", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-c", "--centering", type=int, default=72, help="Centering parameter", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-g", "--graph", type=int, default=None, help="Plot graphs................. There, it's done.", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-s", "--sliding", type=int, default=72, help="Sl______iding parameter", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-t", "--trx-scale-file", type=str, default=trx_lib.SCALE_FILE, help="Path to trx scale file", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-a", "--alphabet", type=str, default="dna", help="sequences alphabet (dna, rna, prot), currently only dna is implemented [str]", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-A", "--alpha", type=float, default=0.05, help="alpha parameter of the Student table that is to be used in the statistical analysis [float]", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-c", "--centering", type=int, default=72, help="number of bp that are to be considered as the center of the sequence [int]", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-g", "--graph", type=int, default=None, help="number of graphs that are to be plotted, currently not implemented [int].", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-s", "--sliding", type=int, default=72, help="number of bp that are to be included in the smoothing window [int]", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-t", "--trx-scale-file", type=str, default=trx_lib.SCALE_FILE, help="path to trx scale file [str]", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("datadir", type=str, help="Path to the data directory.", action="store")
# Then, parse it
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