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[trx] local_match function

parent 9a677c99
#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
* match local
* sur toute la séquence
* totex
def local_match(string, TRX):
Tries to match ``string`` (a 4 letter long string) with the patterns in
``TRX`` (TRX scale dictionary).
Returns the value associated to ``string`` or raises a NoMatch Exception
potential = []
# Iteration on the keys of the TRX dictionary
for pattern in TRX.keys():
# Test whether the 2 central nucleotides are in the pattern
if[1:3], pattern):
# Only one pattern 2 letters long is possible and it must be kept
# in case the tetranucleotides don't match the whole string
if len(pattern) == 2:
# Only one 4 letters long pattern is possible.
elif[0], pattern[1:3]) and[-1], pattern[7:9]):
if not potential:
# If the potential list is empty, clearly something gone wrong
raise NoMatch("No match found, please check your sequence and TRX scale.")
# There might be up to 2 patterns in `potential`: a 2 letter long and a
# 4 letter long. The selected pattern is the longest one (specificity)
return TRX[max(potential)]
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