Commit ba3cb970 authored by Pauline Pommeret's avatar Pauline Pommeret
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trx_lib.scale_file -> trx_lib.SCALE_FILE

parent 976be1e3
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
PARSER.add_argument("-c", "--centering", type=int, default=72, help="Centering parameter", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-g", "--graph", type=int, default=None, help="Plot graphs................. There, it's done.", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-s", "--sliding", type=int, default=72, help="Sl______iding parameter", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-t", "--trx-scale-file", type=str, default=trx_lib.scale_file, help="Path to trx scale file", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("-t", "--trx-scale-file", type=str, default=trx_lib.SCALE_FILE, help="Path to trx scale file", action="store")
PARSER.add_argument("datadir", type=str, help="Path to the data directory.", action="store")
# Then, parse it
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