Commit e3abdb8e authored by Pauline Pommeret's avatar Pauline Pommeret


parent dcfc592b
......@@ -112,15 +112,22 @@ A .dat file must me organized this way:
# Creates a Sequence object
seq = sequence.Sequence(fasta_file, md_parameters, label, alphabet=ARGS.alphabet, trx_scale_path=ARGS.trx_scale_file, sliding=ARGS.sliding, centering=ARGS.centering, alpha=ARGS.alpha, graph=ARGS.graph)
seq_id = DBCURSOR.check_sequence(seq)
if seq_id:
if raw_input("This sequence is already in database. Would you like to recompute its data? [y/n]") != "y":
# Tells the users that something is happening (some users do like that)
print "Adding data stored in %r in the database" % (cur_dir,)
# Stores the sequence "seq" in the database
seq_id = DBCURSOR.store_sequence(seq)
# Done, moving on to next directory
print "Data stored in %r added to database" % (cur_dir,)
print "Data stored in %r added to database under id %s" % (cur_dir, seq_id)
# Exiting for loop, end
print "Database successfully populated. Congratulations. You may proceed"
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