Commit f9bd6f34 authored by Raphael-david Lasseri's avatar Raphael-david Lasseri

[] Mise à jours des bornes présentes

parent ac3b4e36
......@@ -36,12 +36,11 @@ def liste_2b(warn_mail=[]):
# Machines habituellement présentes, s'inquiéter si on ne les voit plus:
expected = {
"00:07:cb:b1:99:4e": "Freebox",
"dc:9f:db:07:da:c5": "helene (wifi)",
"00:15:6d:ef:68:b7": "promethee (wifi)",
"00:1c:2e:56:1a:20": "minigiga (switch)",
"00:40:8c:7f:4a:b5": "tinybrother",
"00:24:8c:44:3b:70": "vo",
"54:7f:54:77:ca:be": "terminal",
"dc:9f:db:74:76:71": "andromede(borne)",
# Machines branchée sur la prise
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