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Pretty print feature

Prints the money of each user perfectly
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from django import template
def pretty_money(value):
if value%100 == 0:
return str(value//100) + '€'
return str(value//100) + '€ ' + str(value%100)
register = template.Library()
register.filter('pretty_money', pretty_money)
{% extends "base.html" %}
{% load i18n static %}
{% load i18n static pretty_money %}
{% block content %}
<h3>Compte n° {{ }}</h3>
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
<dt class="col-6 col-md-3">{% trans 'address'|capfirst %}</dt>
<dd class="col-6 col-md-3">{{ object.address }}</dd>
<dt class="col-6 col-md-3">{% trans 'balance'|capfirst %}</dt>
<dd class="col-6 col-md-3">{{ object.user.note.balance }}</dd>
<dd class="col-6 col-md-3">{{ object.user.note.balance | pretty_money }}</dd>
<a href="{% url "password_change" %}">{% trans 'Change password' %}</a>
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