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[Draft] nk20 v2.0.0 with django 4.2

bleizi requested to merge migration-django-4-2 into main

I start a migration to python3.11 (debian Bookworm) and django 4.2 (#123). It pass tests but:

  • linters fail because of a breaking change fix, and I'm not sure how to fix it
  • i'm note sure that there is no bug, so additionnal tests are needed
  • documentation update is needed
  • i had to remove CAS (and htcpcp-tea) which are not compatible with django 4.2. Maybe found a solution for the CAS (the only use is belenios, maybe another authentification is possible)
  • OAuth secret are now hashed, check are needed before an irreversible action
  • maybe there are no more used/not optimal code

Moreover, because it's an important update, I think it could be v2.0.0 of the "note kfet 2020":

  • we can publish a v1.1.0 with the version before migration if someone want to use a release with django2.2
  • someone has a version name idea ?
  • some additional change could be made (see milestone %nk20 v2.0.0 with django 4.2 , feel free to add tickets)
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