Commit 895b47c8 authored by blogic's avatar blogic
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ar71xx: use ETH_ALEN for consistency

Signed-off-by: default avatarForest Crossman <>

Backport of r42280

git-svn-id: svn:// 3c298f89-4303-0410-b956-a3cf2f4a3e73
parent d2534fef
......@@ -145,9 +145,9 @@ static void __init esr900_setup(void)
const char *config = (char *) KSEG1ADDR(ESR900_CONFIG_ADDR);
u8 *art = (u8 *) KSEG1ADDR(ESR900_CALDATA_ADDR);
u8 lan_mac[6];
u8 wlan0_mac[6];
u8 wlan1_mac[6];
u8 lan_mac[ETH_ALEN];
u8 wlan0_mac[ETH_ALEN];
u8 wlan1_mac[ETH_ALEN];
if (ath79_nvram_parse_mac_addr(config, ESR900_CONFIG_SIZE,
"ethaddr=", lan_mac) == 0) {
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