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    Resolve "feat(tilleul): add VSCode support" · a4dbb3f1
    pigeonmoelleux authored and v-lafeychine's avatar v-lafeychine committed
    Closes #109 🐔👍
    Approved-by: default avatarloutr <>
    Approved-by: default avatarv-lafeychine <>
    * chore(tilleul): fix issues for the merge request
    * feat(tilleul): add LICENSE and README for VSCode client
    * chore(tilleul): change linter options and the code to comply with it
    * chore(tilleul): corrections enlightened by the review
    * chore(tilleul): remove unecessary vscode-related files
    * feat(tilleul): add language syntax for the vscode client
    * feat(tilleul): minimal version of a VSCode LSP client
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