Commit 5263206f authored by Vincent Le gallic's avatar Vincent Le gallic
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--check-keys -v plus verbeux

parent a97aa5ee
......@@ -187,6 +187,8 @@ def update_keys():
def check_keys():
"""Vérifie les clés existantes"""
if VERB:
print("M : l'uid correspond au mail du fingerprint\nC : confiance OK (inclu la vérification de non expiration).\n")
keys = all_keys()
gpg = gnupg.GPG(gnupghome='~/.gnupg')
localkeys = gpg.list_keys()
......@@ -194,24 +196,30 @@ def check_keys():
for (mail, fpr) in keys.values():
if fpr:
if VERB:
print((u"Checking %s" % (mail)).encode("utf-8"))
print((u"Checking %s" % (mail)).encode("utf-8"), end="")
corresponds = [key for key in localkeys if key["fingerprint"] == fpr]
# On vérifie qu'on possède la clé…
if len(corresponds) == 1:
correspond = corresponds[0]
# …qu'elle correspond au mail…
if mail.lower() in sum([re.findall("<(.*)>", uid.lower()) for uid in correspond["uids"]], []):
if VERB:
print("M ", end="")
meaning, trustvalue = GPG_TRUSTLEVELS[correspond["trust"]]
# … et qu'on lui fait confiance
if not trustvalue:
print((u"--> Fail on %s:%s\nLa confiance en la clé est : %s" % (meaning,)).encode("utf-8"))
print((u"--> Fail on %s:%s\nLa confiance en la clé est : %s" % (fpr, mail, meaning,)).encode("utf-8"))
failed = True
elif VERB:
print("C ", end="")
print((u"--> Fail on %s:%s\n!! Le fingerprint et le mail ne correspondent pas !" % (fpr, mail)).encode("utf-8"))
failed = True
print((u"--> Fail on %s:%s\nPas (ou trop) de clé avec ce fingerprint." % (fpr, mail)).encode("utf-8"))
failed = True
if VERB:
return not failed
def get_recipients_of_roles(roles):
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