Commit ea2e3e49 authored by Vincent Le gallic's avatar Vincent Le gallic

Fix de --recrypt-files

parent 0ae88868
......@@ -789,11 +789,11 @@ def recrypt_files(options):
to_put = [{'filename' : f['filename'],
'roles' : f['roles'],
'contents' : encrypt(options, f['roles'], decrypt(options, f['contents']))}
for f in files]
for [success, f] in files]
if to_put:
if not options.quiet:
print((u"Rechiffrement de %s" % (", ".join([f['filename'] for f in to_put]))).encode("utf-8"))
results = put_files(to_put)
results = put_files(options, to_put)
# On affiche les messages de retour
if not options.quiet:
for i in range(len(results)):
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