v0.6.0 - 2016-07-06

commit: 4ad4d13b


  • Add a section describing service patterns options to README.rst

  • Add a federation mode: When the settings CAS_FEDERATE is True, django-cas-server will offer to the user to choose its CAS backend to authenticate. Hence the login page do not display anymore a username/password form but a select form with configured CASs backend. This allow to give access to CAS supported applications to users from multiple organization seamlessly.

    It was originally developped to mach the need of https://ares.fr (Federated CAS at https://cas.ares.fr, example of an application using it as https://chat.myares.fr)


  • Then a ticket was marked as obtained with the user entering its credentials (aka not by SSO), and the service did not require it, ticket validation was failing. Now, if the service do not require authentication to be renewed, both ticket with renewed authentication and non renewed authentication validate successfully.