v0.6.2 - 2016-08-02

commit: 773707e6


  • Support authentication renewal in federate mode
  • Add new version email and info box then new version is available
  • Add SqlAuthUser and LdapAuthUser auth classes. Deprecate the usage of MysqlAuthUser in favor of SqlAuthUser.
  • Add pytest-warning to tests
  • Add a checkbox to forget the identity provider if we checked "remember the identity provider"
  • Add dependancies correspondance between python pypi, debian and centos packages in README


  • Move coverage computation last in travis
  • Enable logging to stderr then running tests
  • Remember "warn me before…" using a cookie
  • Put favicon (shortcut icon) URL in settings


  • The auth class MysqlAuthUser is deprecated in favor of the SqlAuthUser class.


  • Use custom templatetags instead settings custom attributes to Boundfields (As it do not work with django 1.7)
  • Display an error message on bad response from identity provider in federate mode instead of crashing. (e.g. Bad XML document)
  • Catch base64 decode error on b64decode to raise our custom exception BadHash
  • Add secret as sensitive variables/post parameter for /auth
  • Only set "remember my provider" in federated mode upon successful authentication
  • Since we drop django-boostrap3 dependancies, Django default minimal version is 1.7.1
  • [cas.py] Append renew=true when validating tickets


  • code factorization (cas.py, forms.py)