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    Resolve "Preparations for release v0.3.0" · 1e112136
    loutr authored
    Closes #97 🐔👍
    Approved-by: default avatarloutr <>
    * chore: move the toplevel screenshot to the manual, as a listing
    * feat(std): add `add` function over natural numbers, used as an example
    * chore(docs): separate header style file for TeX + formatting
    * Apply 4 suggestion(s) to 2 file(s)
    * chore: update Cargo lock
    * chore: update Proost version number
    * docs: update manual
    * docs: update specifications
    * feat: mentionn GitHub mirror in README and update logo link
    * docs(parser): incorrect documentation for commands
    * docs(kernel: axiom, trace): fix documentation and try to make it more uniform
    * docs(elaboration): fix links and typos in documentation